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Working at Nature Inc.

Our Vision

At Nature Inc. we work towards driving a sustainable coexistence with Nature through technology. By utilizing internet and sensor technology we are aiming to disseminate distributed power sources and create a future where clean energy can be self-sufficient.

Our Core Values

Nature is committed to creating a work environment where every individual can grow and fulfill their potential while bringing our mission to life.
Pursuing excellence in products.
We are committed to continuous improvement through every learning opportunity in order to deliver our products at the highest level.
Persistence in undertaking bold challenges.
We understand that global problems can not be solved easily and consistently focus on innovating.
Commitment to the result.
The team is oriented towards results with a meaningful impact on the world. We set clear goals and work towards achieving them.
Company’s culture.
We believe in a culture where talent with different backgrounds speaking different languages can come together to innovate through collaboration and sharing of ideas.

What is it like to work at Nature?

Interview with Nature’s only designer – Tomomi Nagao

Today we spoke with Tomomi Nagao, the sole designer at Nature Inc. She specializes in industrial design, but is currently overseeing all design processes from packaging to promotional materials and UI design.

Interview with our Software Engineer​ - Soh Kitahara

Our Software Engineer, Soh Kitahara shared with us why he decided to work at Nature what are his favourite things about Software Development. Previously Soh developed applications and services at Kayak, a large travel company.​
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