Nature Remo

Set up your Nature Remo

Learn how to setup your Nature Remo

1. Download the Nature Remo App and Setup your Account

Head over to the App Store or Google Play to download the Nature Remo App. After launching the app, tap “register account” and you will be able to set-up your account.

2. Registering your Remo

If this is your first Remo, there will be an option that says “Let’s set up Remo next”. If you already have a Remo set-up and are connecting another one, go to the settings tab in the Nature Remo App and there will be an option to Set-up a New Device

3. Plug in your Remo

Plug in your Remo close to your Wi-Fi Router (you can move the Remo anywhere after set up). Tap “Next” and your phone will attempt to connect to your Remo.

If you are having trouble connecting, try rebooting your Nature Remo and try this step again moving your phone closer to your Remo.

4. Wi-Fi Setup

Tap “Network SSID” and select the Wi-Fi you want to connect to. After that, tap “Password” and add the password to your selected Wi-Fi. When you are done, you can click “Next” to Name your device and finish the setup process

5. Registering an Appliance

In the Control tab, Tap “+” in the upper right corner and select “Add New Appliance”. Choose the type of appliance you want to register. Point your remote control at the Remo and tap the power on/off button. Test to see if the remote control is recognized and working properly. Tap “Perfect, it’s working” to finish adding the appliance.

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