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Find out if your AC works with an IR remote control

Most of the “Split ACs” have remote controls that are IR (infrared)

  • Split ACs are those air conditioners that consists of two main parts – an inside air outlet unit and a compressor located outside. Unlike a Central AC system, it does not require ductwork networked throughout the ceiling. These Split ACs usually come with IR remotes and are compatible with Nature Remo.
  • Portable space heaters/coolers, Window ACs and Central AC systems that come with IR remotes are also compatible with Nature Remo
  • If your remote has to be aimed directly at the appliance and requires a line of sight, that is an IR remote control.

Split AC

Window AC

Ceiling AC

Find a use case that fits your lifestyle

Optimize the room temperature using it as a thermostat

Keep the room at an ambient temperature at all times to your comfort. Use the mobile app to control the AC from anywhere, anytime.

Schedule your AC

Schedule the time for automatic on/off of the AC using the timer on the smartphone app.

Turn on your AC automatically before you come home based on your location

Turn on the AC automatically when you come close to a certain distance to your home.

Turn off the AC when you leave home and save energy.

Replace your remote with a smartphone or a smart speaker

Control your AC from anywhere, anytime

Voice control your AC using your smart speaker

Replace the remote altogether – so your kids or pets don’t hide it from you!

Turn off your AC automatically when no one is in the room

Turn off the AC when you are away from the room and there is no motion detected and save energy.

Turn on the AC when you enter the room using the motion sensor.

Only available on Nature Remo 3!

Make your AC respond to light

Turn on/off your AC or lights based on daylight using the light sensor.

Only available on Nature Remo 3!

Explore appliances that work with Nature Remo

Nature Remo works well with ACs because most of the Split ACs have IR remotes and the buttons for those remotes are preset in the Nature Remo app.

However, Nature Remo also works with any appliance that has an IR remote. Those appliances include TVs, lights, fans, robot vacuums and etc. One Nature Remo can control all of your appliances in the same room.

For those remotes, you may have to register the remote buttons on your Nature Remo by yourself because presets may not be available. However, this is a very simple process which only takes a couple of minutes. You can watch a tutorial here.

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