Nature Remo

Your home should always be comfortable.

Replace all your remotes with your phone and smart speaker – Remo does it all. 

Now $89 – Shipping Included.

Control & Automate

Nature Remo connects any home appliance that uses infrared remote controllers to your phone/smart speaker regardless of the manufacturer, model, or production year. Control multiple appliances at the same time and set powerful automation triggers, anytime, anywhere. 

What you'll get in the box:

1x Remo mini
1x Micro USB Cable (1.5m)
1x User Manual

For only $89
FREE Shipping and Returns

How it works

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Easy Setup

Nature Remo comes with hundreds of presets for air conditioners, heatpumps, televisions, and lighting from major manufacturers which can all be easily registered with a push of a button. Even if you have older appliances, Nature Remo can still control them as long as they use infrared remote controllers.

Powerful Automation

When it reaches 24 degrees, turn on the aircon.​​


Never too hot, never too cold. Set your air conditioner to heat or cool automatically based on your home’s temperature.

When I'm within 100m from home, turn on the aircon and lights.


Ever wanted to come back home to an already comfortable temperature ? With the GPS feature, set your appliances to follow set instructions when you enter or leave a certain radius from your preferred location.

At 8:30 in the morning, turn on the TV to channel 3.


We all have our daily routines, now you can set up your appliances to keep up with you.  Set routines based on an assigned day/time.

Additional Features

Smart Speakers

OK Google, Turn on the TV.

For when your phone’s not around, Nature Remo works with smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod allowing you to control your appliances with your voice. 

Open API

Infinite Possibilities.

Are you the type that likes to tinker with gadgets? Nature Remo comes with an open API and documentation for you to create your own solutions to your personal needs.  

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