Nature Remo

Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Buy

Nature Remo lets you control any appliance that uses an infrared (IR) remote control.

Many air-conditioners, TVs and lights can be set up with Nature Remo in a few seconds since we have mobile presets for those appliances designed in our Nature Remo App.

Most of the Split ACs have IR remote controls. Split ACs are those air conditioners that consist of two main parts – an inside air outlet unit and a compressor located outside. Unlike a Central AC system, it does not require ductwork networked throughout the ceiling. These Split ACs usually come with IR remotes and are compatible with Nature Remo.

Portable space heaters/coolers, Window ACs and Central AC systems that come with IR remotes are also compatible with Nature Remo.

Other appliances such as fans, audio systems and vacuum robots can also be controlled via Nature Remo if they use infrared signals on their remotes.

If your remote has to be aimed directly at the appliance and requires a line of sight, that is an IR remote control.

To use Nature Remo, you will need to have a Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz) and a smartphone or tablet with iOS 10 or above & Android 5.0 or above.

In addition, please download the Nature Remo App from the App Store or Google Play which will allow you to control devices from your phone.

There is no additional fee for using Nature Remo, however, you are responsible for the internet usage for your home and smartphones.

The difference between the Nature Remo 3 and the Nature Remo mini is the sensors included on the device, and their sizes.

Nature Remo 3 has more sensors, allowing you to automate your appliances in more situations.

The Nature Remo 3 comes with four sensors: temperature, humidity, light, and motion.

The Nature Remo mini, on the other hand, only has a temperature sensor.

As you can see in the picture, Nature Remo 3 can use the features shown in the orange box, while Nature Remo mini can use the features shown in the blue box.

So, if you’re not sure which one to buy, the decision should be based on which sensors you are looking to utilize.

Many users also use the Nature Remo mini for their bedrooms, children’s rooms, and bathrooms, while having the Nature Remo 3 placed in the living room.

You can choose the one that best suits your situation.

Yes, you can control you appliances away from home through the Nature Remo App.

As long as Nature Remo is connected to the internet, you can control it anytime from anywhere.

*Please note that Nature Remo App doesn’t show the power status of some appliances such as TVs which use a toggle switch.

Yes, you can manage more than one device with one account by tapping “Set Up New Device” in the Nature Remo App’s setting tab.

*Please note that you can name each device based on its use or location so that you can easily identify each of them. (Example: “Nature Remo in living room”, “Nature Remo in bedroom”, etc.)

Yes, you can control multiple appliances with one Nature Remo device.

As long as the Nature Remo and the appliance is in the same room (where there is a line of sight between the Nature Remo and the appliance), you can connect many appliances to one Nature Remo device.

Yes, you can actually share your Nature Remo with multiple smartphones.

By logging in to your Remo account, you will be able to use it from multiple smartphones.
(There is no limit to the number of smartphones you can use with the Nature Remo)

Please check “How do I login to Nature Remo app?” for more detail.


Yes, you can control Nature Remo by giving voice instructions via Google Home.

Please check “Use with Google Home” below for more details.

Yes. With Amazon Echo and other Amazon Alexa devices, you can control Nature Remo using the voice function.

Please check “Use with Amazon Echo” below.

Yes, The Nature Remo works with the Apple HomePod.

You can use iOS “Shortcuts” app to control Nature Remo with voice instructions from your Siri supported device.

Please check and make sure your device’s software is at iOS 12 or higher.


From the “Automation” tab of the Nature Remo app, you can create and set rules to control your appliances for when you enter or leave a set location, or to control your appliances to operate on a specific day or time.

Nature Remo includes temperature, humidity, light, and motion sensors, and these sensors can be used in addition as a trigger for automation. This makes it possible for you to turn on the air conditioner when the temperature rises above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or turn off the TV if the motion sensor is unresponsive for 30 minutes or more.

*The Nature Remo mini is equipped with a temperature sensor only.

The Nature Remo comes with a USB cable, but no USB adapter is included. Please use your own USB adapter to connect to the wall socket.

The recommended output for the USB adapter for Nature Remo is 5V-2A or higher.

The recommended output for the USB adapter for Nature Remo mini is 5V-1A or higher.

Yes, you can easily switch the temperature in the Settings tab.

You can easily switch the temperature setting between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Please launch the Nature Remo app and open the Settings screen.

Tapping “Preferences” takes you to the temperature setting screen. You can also change the distance setting to Feet/Miles by tapping “Feet/Miles”.


Although Nature Remo has Bluetooth, it cannot control appliances with a Bluetooth remote control. Also, RF (Radio Frequency) remote controls are not available.

It is only compatible with appliances that are controlled by an infrared remote control.

The Nature Remo app does not support Widgets.

However, if you are an iOS user and would like to use Widgets, you can do so with the “Shortcuts” app. Please read Using Apple Shortcuts to connect the Remo to Siri.

Set Up

Check out our Set-Up Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

To set up Nature Remo, please see Set up your Nature Remo. or watch this YouTube Tutorial

Check out our Set Up Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

To set up Nature Remo mini, please see Set Up Guide

Please install Nature Remo near your home appliances so that the infrared signals reach all appliances you want to control. (Infrared rays are radiated from the top surface). Make sure there are no physical objects (such as wall or furniture) between your Nature Remo and appliances, since the infrared rays can’t penetrate solid objects.

Therefore, one Nature Remo can usually only be dedicated to one room.

If you do not see Nature Remo’s network (Remo-XXXXX):

“Remo-XXXXXX” is displayed in the list of Wi-Fi access points when Nature Remo is flashing yellow.

If Nature Remo is not flashing yellow, it means Nature Remo is already setup.

If you want to re-setup, please reset the device by clicking the reset button on the back of Nature Remo.

Please check “How do I reset Nature Remo?” for detail.


If you have trouble connecting to  Remo’s network (Remo-XXXXX):

Please make sure to enter the password for “Remo-XXXXXX” correctly. The password is in all lower case letters “natureremo”.

Please turn off the power saving mode during setup.

Your smartphone may notify you that there is no internet connection on Nature Remo’s network. Please do not worry and continue the setup.

Please confirm the following points.

  1. Nature Remo only supports 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). It is possible that the Wi-Fi you want to connect is 5.0 GHz (IEEE802.11a/n/ac).

  2. When the SSID is set to be hidden by the router setting, it is not displayed on the scan results. Please turn off the SSID hiding feature when setting up Nature Remo. After setting up Nature Remo, you can switch SSID back to the hidden state.

  3. It may not appear in the list when there are too many different networks. Place Nature Remo next to the router and try scanning again.

Please make sure that you are not setting security functions such as MAC address filtering on your Wi-Fi router.

If you keep failing, please try powering Nature Remo next to the Wi-Fi router using the provided cable and your adapter, and follow the steps below:

The recommended output for the USB adapter for Nature Remo is 5V-2A or higher, and for Nature Remo mini is 5V-1A or higher.

1.Double-check that your password is error-free. To do so, copy the Wi-Fi password to your smartphone and paste into the app when prompted.

2.Reboot your Wi-Fi router. If you have an extension units for a Wi-Fi router please turn them off. If you use a mesh Wi-Fi router, please turn all the units off except the main unit. 

3.After the above steps are reviewed, please go back to the “Plug In” screen and proceed with setup following on-screen instructions.

On the “Wi-Fi Setup” screen, paste the password you copied in step 1.


Other appliances such as fans, audio systems, and remote’s buttons can also be registered in Nature Remo. (This instruction shows the screenshots of an iPhone. For Android users, the layout of the screen is slightly different)

Watch this YouTube Tutorial or follow the steps below:

1. Press the + button on the top right corner.


2. Tap “Add New Appliance”


3. Tap the appliances you want to add.


4.  Press the remote’s power button towards Nature Remo’s IR receiver.


5. Enter the name of the new appliance, and select an icon for it.


6. Enter the name for the power on/off button, and select an icon.


7.  Press the + button on the upper right corner to register additional buttons on the remote.


8. Press the remote’s button that you want to add.


9.  Enter the name for the button, and select an icon.


10. Repeat steps 7 and 9 for other buttons that you wish to register.

A) When you try to add a new appliance, but can’t detect the remote.

Please make sure that the remote you are using transmits an infrared signal. Nature Remo cannot control appliances with Bluetooth or RF remote. 

B) When Nature Remo detects the remote, but power button test fails.

Please try to hold Nature Remo close to the appliance to see if you can control it.


If you still cannot control it, select “Not working” and you will be presented with 4 options. This is only available for the registration of the remote of AC, TV and light.

1. Try Similar Remote Signals

2.Select Appliance Manufacturer

3.Register the remote control manually

4.Contact Us

First, tap “Try Similar Remote Signals” and try each of the Remote Signals from the list. Please note that even if the model of the remote you set in the app is not the same as the one you use, there is a chance that you can control it.

If there is no operable preset information in the “Similar Remote Signals”, you are recommended to manually register the remote control for appliances (except for AC, please contact us at support-en@nature.global).


In the manual registration process, you need to register the buttons one by one. Please tap the “+” button in the upper right corner of the app to add the other buttons.

Please check if anything is blocking the infrared rays of Nature Remo from reaching the appliances. Nature Remo transmits infrared rays from the top surface. Please point the surface of Nature Remo to the infrared receiver of those appliances and see if it works.

Moreover, please try re-adding the appliances on the Nature Remo App. When doing so, please press the remote’s button only once shortly to let Nature Remo detect the infrared signals.


“Automation” is a function that lets you automate your home appliances. You can set up the rules by watching this YouTube tutorial or following the directions below:

(The direction shows screenshots of an iPhone – layout may differ on Android devices.)

For instance, if you want to create a trigger that says “If you enter into the 200m radius around your house, turn on the air-conditioner”, do the following procedures:

Create a new Automation

Click on the ‘+’ button on the top right to create a new Automation.


Set trigger settings

Tap ‘Trigger Settings’ to set the conditions.


Tap ‘Enter an area’.


Set the region that the trigger will happen. Pressing ‘+’ or ‘-‘ can change the region. After setting the region, click on ‘Save’ on the top right corner.


You can add “Date & Time“ trigger to your current Automation to optionally make the Automation active just on the weekdays or in the afternoon.

Set control settings

Tap ‘Add Control Settings’ to determine what will happen after the trigger event. And choose ‘Add Appliance’ or ‘Add Scene’


Choose which appliance you want to control.


The screen below shows an air-conditioner preset which includes the power/off button, temperature, humidity, volume, and mode. In this example, the air-conditioner will turn on at 18℃. Once you are done setting up, click on ‘Save’ on the top right corner.


This is the confirmation screen. If there are no issues with your trigger and control, tap ‘Save’ on the top right corner.


Congratulations! You are done setting up your rule.


If you create a scene from the Nature Remo App, you can operate multiple appliances all at once. For instance, if you create a scene called, “Turn off all the air-conditioners at home”, you can execute this just by tapping on the scene you just created.

In a scene, you can register up to 10 actions at once.

Here we will show you how to create a scene that increases the volume of the TV by three levels. Alternatively, watch this YouTube tutorial.

1. Tap “+” in the upper right corner of the control screen.

2. Select “Add Scene”.

3. Name the scene and tap “Add Appliance”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 11.57.37.png

4. Tap the TV and tap on the button to increase the volume.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 11.57.01.png
スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 11.56.30.png

5. Repeat Step 4 three times, tap “Save” after you have set the volume to increase by three levels.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 11.55.49.png

6. Tap on the scene created on the control screen. The setup is completed when it starts to load.

Since it is possible to set only one appliance in the scene, it can also be used as a short-cut.

Nature Remo can be controlled from multiple devices as long as they are logged in to the same account.

1.While you are logged out of the Nature Remo account, you will see the following screen. Please tap “Login”.

2.You will see the “Welcome Back” screen. Please enter the email address you are using for your Nature Remo account and tap “Next”.

3.You will see the “Email sent” screen. Check the email you received in your smartphone’s email app. If you can’t find it, please check the spam mail box.

If you are trying to login to another person’s Remo account, ask the person to forward the email to you.

4.This is the login email you will receive.Tap the “Log in” button to proceed.

5.Tap “Open” when you see this screen, then your login will be completed.

From the control screen of the Nature Remo App, you can rearrange and edit the appliances and scenes buttons.

Edit or sort appliances and scenes


1. Tap Edit in the upper left corner of the control screen.

2. You can delete or rename the appliances, or rearrange by tapping and holding the icon.


Edit or rearrange buttons (Only for the buttons you have manually created)


3. Tap “Appliance”, then tap “Edit”.


4. You can edit or delete the name of the buttons you have created, or you can sort it by tapping and holding.


If the temperature or humidity displayed on the Nature Remo App are different from the actual ones, you are able to calibrate the sensor value from the App.

1. From the settings, tap the Remo you want to calibrate.


2. Tap the “Temperature Offset” (“Humidity Offset”).


3. Select the amount to match the displayed temperature (humidity) to the actual one. Then tap “Save”. For instance, if the displayed temperature is 2.0℃ lower than the actual temperature, select +2.0 and the Nature Remo App will now display 2.0℃ higher.


4. The setting is completed if the temperature is reflected on display.

You can easily transfer your appliance information from one Nature Remo to another with few taps.

The following are the steps to do so. Here, we demonstrate how you can transfer “Light2” registered in Nature Remo of your home to Nature Remo of your office.

1.Tap “Edit” on the control screen.

2.Tap the appliance you want to move and press Edit.

In this case, I chose “Light2”.

3. Tap “Transfer to other Remo”.

4. Tap the Nature Remo you want to use.

In this image, the information of this light is transferred to the Nature Remo named “Office”.

This completes the process and is useful when you buy a second Remo or when you want to change the location of the Remo.

Setting Changes

The Wi-Fi setting for Nature Remo is preserved even if the power is turned off.
Disconnect the cable and move Nature Remo anywhere you want as long as Nature Remo can catch the Wi-Fi signal. Please make sure to place it somewhere where the signals from Nature Remo can reach all your appliances.

If you want to move to a location with different Wi-Fi, you will have to reset Nature Remo and change the Wi-Fi setting.

By following this procedure, you can change Nature Remo‘s Wi-Fi connection without starting all over.

1. Tap “Settings” and select the Nature Remo device that you want to change the Wi-Fi setting.

2. Tap “Reset Wi-Fi” at the bottom.
(Please note that “Delete” under “Reset Wi-Fi” deletes all information you have registered on the Nature Remo device)


3. Follow the screen to reset the device.


4. Please follow the App instructions for the rest of the procedures.

Watch this Youtube tutorial on how to reset Wi-Fi settings or follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that Nature Remo is powered.

2. Use a thin object that is not too sharp (like a clip or toothpick) to press on the small button located at the back of Nature Remo for more than 5 seconds. The device will be reset when the lamp flash becomes yellow.



When the app displays “Network Error”, it indicates that the Nature Remo app is not able to communicate with the cloud.

First, please make sure that your smartphone or other devices are connected to the internet.

If the “Network Error” message still appears, please contact us at support-en@nature.global

If Nature Remo is flashing red slowly, Nature Remo is not connected to the Wi-Fi. Please make sure that the connection between the Wi-Fi router and Nature Remo is not interfered or blocked by other Wi-Fi equipment, Bluetooth, or simply by distance, then try the followings.

1. Please make sure the 2.4 GHz setting of the Wi-Fi router has not been changed.
2. Power Nature Remo using the supplied cable and adapter that came with Nature Remo. 
3. Reboot Nature Remo near the Wi-Fi router.
4. Reboot the Wi-Fi router.


If the Nature Remo is flashing red rapidly, Nature Remo is not connected to the cloud. Please confirm the number of devices you are using is not exceeding the number recommended by the Wi-Fi router. Then try the followings.

1. Make sure you have not changed the settings of the Wi-Fi router before the problem occurred.
2. Reboot Nature Remo with the supplied cable and adapter.
3. Reboot the Wi-Fi router. 

If the above does not solve the issue, please contact us at support-en@nature.global

Use with Google Home

Watch this YouTube tutorial or follow the steps below:

Before you work with Google Home, please set up Google Home and Nature Remo and register appliances.

Please register AC and TV using our preset data.

Regarding other appliances, please register the ON and OFF icons.

Those who have registered AC in automatic recognition mode can use it in that state. If you register air conditioner manually, it will be ON / OFF operation only.


※ This is the procedure at iOS. For Android, the login procedure may be different.

1. Tap “add” at the Google Home application.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 12.55.24.png

2. Select “Set up device” at the top of the tab.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 13.48.35.png

3. Tap “Have something already set up?” in the bottom.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 13.47.09.png

4. Search “Remo“ and select “Nature Remo Smart Home”.


5. Sign in with Google if you registered Nature Remo account with Gmail.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.46.28.png

And then go to Step 9.

6. If you registered Nature Remo account with email other than Gmail, enter you email and tap “send me a link to login“

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.47.05.png

7. You will receive a email from “support@nature.global“. Copy One-time passcode.iOS の画像.png

8. Back to Google Home app, paste the passcode and tap ”login”.

iOS の画像 (1).png

9. Tap Accept when you see “Google Assistant is requesting access to Nature Remo.”

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.48.10.png

10. After linking to Remo, you can assign each devices to your room.


11. Please choose the location of devices one by one.

12. This completes the coordination between Google Home and Remo.

Now, let’s turn on the AC with “Hey Google, turn on 〇〇(AC name)”


Example of operation with can be found in our blog post.

“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (AC name)”
“Turn on heating/cooling”
“Turn the temperature to 〇〇(temperature) “
“Raise/Lower the temperature by 1 degree”

“What is the temperature of ◯◯ (AC name)”

“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (TV name)”

“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (light name)”

Other appliances:
“Turn on/off ◯◯ (Appliance name)”

If it does not work, please check that Google Home correctly recognizes the sound.
Tap “≡” in the top left corner of the Google Home app.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 12.55.24.png

You can check the history by tapping My Activity.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 12.59.26.png

With “Routines” added to the Google Home app, you can run multiple appliances and Google Home features that you have added to your smart home at a set time each day.

1.How to set up Routines

To set up your Routines, open the Google Home app and select “Routines”.

Tap the “Manage routines” button edit routines. 

2.To turn on multiple appliances with “Hey Google, good morning”.

First let’s start with how to customize the default “Good Morning” to a setting that turns on the TV, lights and air conditioning with multiple phrases such as “Hey Google, Good Morning” and “Hey Google, I’m up”.

a) Tap “Good Morning” to customize Good Morning.

b) Tap “Add action” to add a new action. 

Here, let’s set it up so that Google Home can turn on the lights.

c) Tap “Browse popular action” and you’ll see the Home control options, then tap the gear button next to “Adjust lights, plugs and more”.

You will be presented with the light options and you can choose the light you want to turn on.

d) When you tap the gear symbol in “Adjust Thermostat”, you will see the Thermostat setting screen and the air conditioner you added in the preset information will be displayed there. You can also change the temperature setting of the air conditioner here.

3.How to set up a routine that works at a certain time every day.

a) If you want the routine to work at a specific time or if you want to create a new routine, tap the “+ Add a routine”.

Here we create a routine to turn on the light at 7 am every weekday morning.

b) When you get to the “New Routine” screen, tap “Add commands” and set the phrase that you want to run.

In this example, you want to set the phrase to run at a specific time and day of the week, so you should also enter the time and day of the week settings.

c) If you set the time and day of the week, you also need to set the “choose which speaker will start it”.

d) After setting  “Add commands” and “Set a time and day”,  tap “Add action”. In this case, we want to turn on the light, so enter “Turn on Light.”

e) After adding the date, time, and the control, tap ”Save” in the upper right corner.

Now you’ve set up your weekday morning routine!

Unlike Nature Remo’s automation, this one allows you to turn on appliances and run audio and music from other devices connected to Google Home at the same time, so give it a try!

Use with Amazon Echo

Example of operation using Amazon Alexa’s smart home commands .


“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (AC name)”

“Turn on heating/cooling”

“Turn the temperature to 〇〇(temperature) “

“Raise/Lower the temperature 1 degree”


“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (TV name)”


“Turn on/off the ◯◯ (light name)”

Other appliances:

“Turn on/off ◯◯ (Appliance name)”

If it doesn’t work properly, please double check if the sound is recognized correctly.
Tap “≡” at the top left of Amazon Alexa app.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 13.59.29.png

Tap “Settings”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 13.59.50.png

Tap “History”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.00.41.png

“This ◯◯ (appliance) has not been set yet”

When you get this reply from Alexa, please register the appliances that you want to operate.

“Unknown error occurred in ◯◯ (appliance)”

When you get this reply from Alexa, please register the remote control button with the application of Nature Remo.

Please register the icons and buttons like the image below.


If you get an error despite registering the button, Please follow the procedure below.

Procedures for disabling Smart Skills.

1. Tap “≡” at the top left of the Amazon Alexa app.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 13.59.29.png

2. Tap “Skills”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.23.26.png

3. Tap “Your Skills”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.23.58.png

4. Tap “Nature Remo Smart Home”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.25.14.png


スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.24.24.png

6. Tap “ENABLE”.

スクリーンショット 2018-08-09 14.07.37.png

* If you are having trouble re-linking, please delete the cookie of the web browser and try the link again.

Use with Siri

To control Nature Remo with Siri, you can use the “Shortcut” app to set it up. Please see Using Apple Shortcuts to connect the Remo to Siri.


It becomes the following state respectively.

· Flashing red slowly
Nature Remo is not connected to Wi-Fi.

· Flashing red quickly
 Nature Remo is not able to connected to the server.

· Flashing yellow slowly
Waiting for setup or processing setup.

· Flashing yellow quickly
Nature Remo is scanning nearby Wi-Fi access points, or Nature Remo’s reset button is being pushed

· Flashing blue quickly

Sending / receiving infrared signals.

· Flashing purple slowly
Nature Remo software is updating. Please wait until completion.

1. Access Remo’s Wi-Fi(Remo-XXXXXX) using Windows or Mac.

2. Obtain your MAC address as below.

a) Start a command prompt.
b) Enter the command below.
arp -a

a) Open terminal.
b) Enter the command below.

MAC address of Nature Remo as an access point: X2-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX

MAC address of Nature Remo as a device connecting to Wi-Fi : X0-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX*

*MAC address is formed by hexadecimal number (0123456789ABCDEF) so that you will need to -2 from the second character of the MAC address





  1. Enter the command, “dns-sd -B _remo._tcp” in the Mac Terminal and check the Instance Name of your Nature Remo.

スクリーンショット 2018-09-19 11.08.10.png

2. Enter the command, “dns-sd -G v4 Remo-XXXXXX.local“ in the Mac Terminal. Replace the “Remo-XXXXXX” part of the command with your own Instance Name displayed in step 1.

The one described in the address will be the IP address of your Nature Remo.

スクリーンショット 2018-09-19 11.08.33.png
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