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Why summer is a perfect time for a Smart Remote Control!

Summer in Australia is just around the corner, which means keeping your home chill becomes an everyday task. Australia’s 2019-2020 summer was named the second hottest on record!

But have you ever wished you could come back to an already cooled down home? Or have your AC automatically adjust the temperature based on your comfort level? And how about controlling your AC with voice and never having to use a remote again? Nature Remo might be just the device you need to make sure your home is comfortable and smart, while you focus on more important things! 

It is also worth noting that running the AC all day long uses a lot of energy and comes at a cost. Our smart remote control Nature Remo lets you regulate heating and cooling when you are not at home, making sure the energy is never wasted.

Here is how Nature Remo can make your home more comfortable in the summer:

1. Prepare the room temperature for your return.

Imagine a situation where you leave the house in the morning, work all day, but wish to return home to a perfectly comfortable temperature. Previously, you would have to leave the AC on throughout the whole day. However, Nature Remo lets you operate the AC through a mobile app from anywhere, meaning you can turn it on the go before arriving home. You will never have to step into an oven-like home again!

2. Make the AC follow your daily routine.

Nature Remo is equipped with a GPS sensor, which takes the AC operation to a whole new level. GPS tracking is another way to ensure that you always come back to a chilled home without any effort. With this feature, you can make your appliances follow set instructions when you enter or leave or enter a certain radius from your preferred location. For example, set your AC to turn on once you are within 300m from home.

3. Never let your room get too cold.

While it’s hot outside, it is very common to catch a cold inside your own house due to air conditioning. By using Nature Remo’s temperature sensor you can monitor the temperature of your room and prevent it from dropping too low. For example, you can set the Nature Remo to turn off automatically when the temperature drops below 18°C.

4. Save energy

How many times have you left your house only to remember that you forgot to turn off the AC in the bedroom? By operating the AC anywhere with Nature Remo you save hours of energy without sacrificing any bit of comfort.

5. Control AC hands-free

Smart speakers are our new assistants, designed to bring the convenience of hands-free operations at your request. Nature Remo seamlessly integrates with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

You can now turn your air conditioner on and off hands-free, just by saying:

“Hey Google, turn on the AC!” or “Alexa, turn my AC on!”.

Not only that, but you can also ask Google or Alexa to set the AC to a certain temperature or change the heating/cooling mode.
Try this:

“Hey Google, set the AC to 23 degrees”
“Alexa, raise the temperature by 1 degree”

Summer days are approaching and creating the comfort of your home should be an effortless part of your life! Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of Home Automation with Nature Remo mini? Get it now for the Black Friday sale here.

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