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The benefits of GPS Automation for your home!

Have you ever wished to have your AC greet you with a cooled room while you’ve been away on a hot summer day? Imagine never stepping into the hot house again! Or how about not worrying whether you left the lights on once you left your house to enjoy the company of your friends? Nature Remo will take care of that for you!


Introducing GPS-based automation

GPS Automation is used as a trigger to activate any appliance you set it for. With this feature, you can set your appliances to follow set instructions when you enter or leave a certain radius from your preferred location. For example, set your AC to turn on once you are within 300m from home.


How do I set it up?

In this example, we will go through the process of turning the AC on as you approach a specified location. Start by creating new automation in the Nature Remo app and giving it a name, for example, “Arriving home”.

Through the Trigger Settings, you can choose “Arrive” and select your desired area by moving the blue circle. In order to change the radius, use “+” and “-” buttons, which will scale the map.

“300m” means that the Automation will trigger once you enter the 300m radius within the specified location.

For the next step, add the appliance you wish to trigger as well as its function. Here we have set up the AC to turn on cooling mode at 28.5 degrees.

Press “Save” and you are good to go!

Benefits of using GPS Automation feature.

Let’s go back to a situation where you work all day, but wish to return home to a perfectly chilled room. Previously, you would have to leave the AC on throughout the whole day. However, with GPS Automation the AC will start only once you get close to your home. You end up saving hours of electricity without sacrificing any bit of comfort.

In a similar manner imagine that you forgot to turn off your home appliances in a rush while leaving your house. The only options are to return home (but who would do that right?) or leave them on until you return many hours later. Geolocation automation will remove this burden from your shoulders and turn everything off, again saving you energy and money on the electricity bill. It’s a win-win!

You don’t have to limit yourself to one appliance per automation so feel free to use this awesome feature to the maximum!

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