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Why summer is a perfect time for a Smart Remote Control!

nature remo with AC

Summer is just around the corner, which means keeping your home chill becomes an everyday task. 2019 was officially named the second hottest year in history, making our air conditioners even more prevalent.

When the sun is burning outside, it’s hard to resist the temptation to set your AC down to the lowest degree. But keeping the AC running all day long uses a lot of energy and comes at a cost. Instead, would you want to enjoy a perfectly-chilled room while saving energy and money?

Our smart remote control Nature Remo lets you regulate heating and cooling when you are not at home, making sure the energy is never wasted. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefit of automation and schedule the AC around your daily routines. Oh, and did we mention that it works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and HomePod, letting you control your AC hands-free?

What are some ways to save energy in the summer?

Imagine a situation where you would work all day, but wish to return home to a perfectly comfortable house. Previously, you would have to leave the AC on throughout the whole day. However, Nature Remo lets you operate the AC on your way home so you never have to step into an oven-like home again. You save hours of energy without sacrificing any bit of comfort.

nature remo app

GPS tracking is another way to ensure that you always come back to a chilled home without any effort. The app will automatically instruct your AC to turn on as you approach your home. It is also possible to turn the AC off as soon as you leave your home. 

Nature Remo is equipped with a temperature sensor as well, which is used to monitor your room’s surroundings and adjust the temperature accordingly. The temperature will never drop below your comfort level, while you can focus on other activities. Don’t forget that every saved second of unnecessary cooling will help keep your bill low. 

Forget about the hustle of looking for the remote control, and let Nature Remo take care of your house and energy bills. For information about Nature Remo, visit our Shop Page.

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