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Make the most out of home automation using Scenes with Nature Remo!

Scenes are designed to simplify the operation of multiple appliances in your house with just one tap! You can register up to 10 actions in one scene, which should cover all of your needs. Scenes are a perfect way to group your appliances based on their location or function and minimize the number of steps needed to control them.

For example, you can set the scene to turn off both the AC and Lights in your bedroom before going to bed. To execute a scene all you need to do is just tap the control screen. One tap, everything off!


Scenes can also be triggered using powerful Automation, which is described in this blog post. Combining both features will make sure your home is as comfortable as it can possibly be, freeing your time for other activities! 

Still not sure how to use Scenes? Here is a fun example:

Watch your favourite recorded TV program with one tap!

A usual way to do so involves multiple steps: turn on the recorder, change the TV input, select the recorded program, skip all the commercials and only then enjoy your favourite TV show. With Nature Remo, you can program the sequence of commands as well as the intervals between them. One tap and you’re set!

Another popular use of Scenes it cycling through TV channels before deciding what to watch. To automate this process you can create a scene which will go through the assigned channels for a designed time period before changing to the next one.

In this example, we created a Scene which goes through channel 1 to 5 every 3 seconds or 6 seconds, depending on how long you need. As a result, you can get an overview of all TV programs and then come back to the one you want to enjoy.

Please note that the speed of signals depends on your internet connection, therefore bad connection could cause a delay in the switching of the channels.

Scenes with Smart Speakers

Another way to execute Scenes is by using voice commands with Smart Speakers, like you would with regular appliances. You can specify the scene name and/or the location of your appliances. Integration of Scenes with Smart Speakers expands the range of actions your can automate.

Try these:

“Ok Google, turn on Morning Scene”

“Alexa, turn on Night scene in the bedroom”

You can also use Scenes to expand the range of voice-activated controls. For example, the appliances which are not supported by default can only respond to “ON” and “OFF” commands. However, Scenes allow you to register any button and control it with voice.

Are you ready to try Scenes?

If you still have more questions, visit our Help Center Page.

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