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Integrate your Nature Remo with Google Assistant, making your home even more comfortable!

Smart speakers are our new assistants, designed to bring the convenience of hands-free operations at your request. Integrating Nature Remo with Google Assistant allows you to operate home appliances using voice commands, making your home even more comfortable.

Enjoy the automation of home appliances.

You can now turn your air conditioner on and off hands-free, just by saying:

“Hey Google, turn on the AC!” Not only that, but you can also ask Google to set the AC to a certain temperature or change the heating/cooling mode.

Try this:

“Hey Google, set the AC to 23 degrees”

“Hey Google, raise the temperature by 1 degree”

Nature Remo works with Direct Action of Google Assistant, allowing you to turn on/off any appliances which use infrared remote control and are registered in the Nature Remo app.

Want to watch the TV but can’t find the remote? No problem!

“Ok Google, turn on the TV”

Make the most out of Google Routines.

With Google Routines you can customize your Google Home to work together with Nature Remo and operate several appliances at once. 

Here are some ideas on how to fit Nature Remo into your day:

In the morning:

Just say “Hey Google, Good Morning!” to turn on the TV and greet you with some morning news. Ask it to tell you the weather forecast or information about traffic in your city.

Before heading to bed:

Use the voice command “Ok Google, Bedtime” to turn off the lights and lower the temperature of your AC for comfortable good night sleep.

Before leaving the house:

Say “Hey Google, I am leaving” and let Nature Remo take care of turning off your home appliances.

The examples above are just a few of many! You can customize the routines to your preferences, adding the actions that make your day more stress-free. Please note that you can only use commands that your remote control is able to perform.

How to set up your Nature Remo mini with Google Home.

All you need is Google Home app, an active Nature Remo account and Nature Remo mini. 

  1. To start with, set up Nature Remo and register your home appliances.
  2. Make sure that your Nature Remo app and Google Home app are connected to the same network.
  3. Search for “Nature Remo” as you set up a new device in the Google Home app.
  4. Log in using the same credentials as you did when creating a Nature Remo account and complete the registration through on-screen instructions.
  5. After registration assign a location to each device.

For step-by-step instructions on linking Nature Remo and Google Home visit our Help Center page.

Ok Google, I am ready!

Start using voice commands to control your home appliances now. For more information about the Nature Remo mini, visit our Shop Page.

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