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Using Apple Shortcuts to connect the Remo to Siri.

Nature Remo supports “Siri Shortcut”, which makes it possible to perform home appliance operation settings through Siri voice operation.

We will show you how to use Siri to activate Nature Remo and operate home appliances from widgets and home screens through the Shortcuts App. 

 *In this tutorial, we will be registering a TV Device as an example.

This tutorial is displayed on an iPhone iOS 13 version.

For more information on how to use Siri Shortcut, click on the article below

First, go to the “App Store” and install the “Shortcuts” app, or install directly from the following URL.


a) Open the Remo app and select the home appliance you want to operate with “Siri Shortcut”. In this example, select the device name “TV”.

b) Once you have selected the device, tap on the button that you want Siri to remember. In this example, tap on the power button. 

c) Return to the home screen and open the “Shortcuts” app.

d) Tap “Create Shortcut” and add the operation you want to register by tapping on “Add Action”.

e) If the Remo app is displayed on the screen, please select it. If it is not, you can find the Remo app by tapping on the “App” icon. 

f) Now that you are directed to the Remo app, select the option “Send power to TV”. We are facing a minor issue with iOS that is preventing us from fully translating this page. We expect to find a fix by the end of February.

Next, tap on “…” to change the name and icon of the shortcut. 

i) In this example, we will name it “TV Power On”. 

Tap “Done” and the registration is complete. 

After the setting is completed, turn on Siri and say “TV Power On”. At this step, you should be able to turn on and off the TV with Siri. Keep in mind that Siri may not recognize the shortcut if the registered name is too complicated. 

Now, we will show you how to add a “Shortcut” widget to your iPhone. 

j) Go to your iPhone lock screen or home screen and swipe right to display the widget page. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit”.

k) On the “Add Widget” screen, find “Shortcuts” from the list and tap “+” to add it to the widget. Tap on “Done” once you have registered “Shortcuts”. 

If you go back to the widget page on your iPhone, you should be able to see the newly registered shortcut (TV Power on). Now, you can turn on and off the TV in the living room by just tapping on the widget. Try tapping on the widget to make sure it works. 

We will also show you how to add the registered shortcut to your home screen.

l) Open the “Shortcuts” app and tap “•••” of the shortcut you want to add to the home screen.

m) Tap “Add to home screen” in the “Details” list.

n) Follow the instructions on the iPhone screen to complete the process.

Once the shortcut has been added, you can control your TV directly through the shortcut registered on your home screen. 

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