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Remo won’t recognize my air-conditioner’s remote control

If Nature Remo doesn’t recognize your air-conditioner’s remote control, the infrared signals may not have reached the Nature Remo device. Place your remote control closer and perpendicular to Nature Remo, then press the button again.


If the above doesn’t work, your remote control may not be registered in our database. Please contact customer support for further assistance, and use the learning function until your device is registered. To use the learning function, please follow the steps below.
(The instruction shows screenshots of an iPhone – layout may differ on Android devices.)

1.  Press the + button on the top right corner.

2. Press the remote’s power/off button.


3. Enter the name of the new appliance, and select an icon.


5. Enter the name for power/off button, and select an icon.


6. Press the + button on the bottom left corner to register a new button.


7. Press the remote button in which you want to register.


8. Enter the name for the button, and select an icon.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for other buttons that you wish to register.

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