Nature Remo

Quick Start

1. Preparation
a) Make sure that your home Wi-Fi network is available.
b) Please download and install the Nature Remo App from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Account Registration
a) After launching the app, tap the “register account” button. Enter your email address and your name.
b) When you complete the user registration, please tap “Let’s set up Remo next”.

3. Registering Nature Remo
a) Plug in your Remo in area close to your Wi-Fi router.


b) Tap “Open Wi-Fi Settings”, select your Nature Remo (Remo-XXXXXX for the network name), and enter the password (“natureremo”). Once you are connected to Remo’s network, return to the Nature Remo App and Wi-Fi scanning will begin.

c) Please select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password.


d) (Only applicable to older Nature Remo generation) Tap the top of Nature Remo.

e) Once the setup is completed, tap “Next” and name the Nature Remo to your liking.


4. Registering remote control

  • Air-conditioner, television and lighting presets are already installed for an easy setup.

a) Tap “+” in the upper right of the control screen and select “Add New Appliance”.

b) Choose the type of appliance you want to register. Point your remote at the Remo and tap the power/off button.

In this demonstration, we will use “Split AC“ as an example.


c) Perform the operation check and see if the remote controller is recognized properly.

Please tap “Perfect, It’s working”.
(If it does not work, tap “Not working”, and other instructions will be displayed.)


d) Name the appliance, select the icon, and then tap “Save”.


e) Setup is now complete.

If you want to add new appliances other than the air-conditioner, television and lighting, please refer to the next guide.

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